Comparing population projections by race/hispanic origin (2014 v 2060)

Gathered from data I have downloaded and imported into my database, the following illustrates the government’s population projections by race and Hispanic origin in the United States. For simplicity, I only compare and examine the first year and last year of their 2014 projections.


Raw Data:


Table 1 - Projected Pop by Race and Hispanic Origin for the US 2014 and 2060
Race2014 Population2060 Population
Two or More31981296104088664


Chart (may not be viewable on some mobile devices):



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Note: HO = Hispanic Origin, NHO = Not Hispanic Origin




NOTE: Hispanic origin is considered an ethnicity, not a race. Hispanics may be of any race.


The projections generally do not precisely agree with population estimates available elsewhere on the Census Bureau website for methodological reasons.  Where both estimates and projections are available for a given time reference, we recommend that you use the population estimates as the measure of the current population.


ABBREVIATIONS: Black = Black or African American; AIAN = American Indian and Alaska Native; NHPI = Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander