Creativity and self-care in a country gone mad

Yesterday, I found myself building RSS feeds for my blog from a variety of government websites. It’s not enough that I’ve spent the past several years consumed by politics, it seems that even the very site I wish to develop and use as an escape and outlet is being spoiled by it.

But as a concerned citizen, I feel an obligation to stay aware and engaged in what this destructive administration and GOP is doing to undermine and abolish all the progress made in this country. No one who voted for and support the GOP learned from the lessons of the Bush administration so we’re doomed to repeat. All the gains made over the past eight years are doomed to be diminished, if not wiped out. It’s disturbing and infuriating just how gullible our population is and how many vote against their own interests.

But I digress.

This morning I’m watching what is likely my favorite show on television: CBS Sunday Morning. They feature the real human interest stories, the arts, nature, what matters. Visiting their site, I notice they have a RSS feed as well. My immediate thought is “great!” because that means the stories they feature along with all the other arts oriented feeds I want to keep track of for inspiration and research for my writing and creative endeavors can help balance my inclination to lose myself in current events (aka politics). God knows, and everyone in my personal life can attest, I need to step away and find balance.

So while I’ve resurrected my site, its focus has not yet been entirely determined. I don’t care to follow blog trends and keep up with the masses. To do so would diminish me being my most authentic self. I just want a space on the web where I can scream through posts and creativity instead of my television or smartphone when I review the news of the day. I want to become more centered. The arts and getting back in touch with nature will help me get there.

The months since the election have been a whirlwind of negativity for me and it’s got to stop. Since I tend to immerse myself in all things technology (this has been my nature for decades), it only makes sense that my redirection be toward the creative sides of the web and in finally writing that book in my head.

Time is slipping away and I don’t want my remaining days to be focused on the things that make my heart hurt and stomach churn. I want it spent on those things that breathe life into me and leverage my passions into good.

It’s called self-care.

So, for now, this site’s focus will be unfocused and all over the place but it will have three central themes: current events, the arts, technology. Gotta balance the bad with the good.