The catalyst for my resurgence

It’s unfortunate that the result of the 2016 election would be the catalyst for my return to blogging/writing, general ranting online, writing to my representatives, participating in local activist events, seeking out the comfort of like-minded folk because I’m outnumbered here in the south, and general obsession with current events, but here I am. It seems like a lot of people are suddenly “woke” and more engaged after mostly coasting through the Obama years.

During the Obama years, things mostly improved and we didn’t witness the attack on the little guy, environment, and general blowing up of our institutions. Sure, we dealt with the temper tantrums of the tea party and GOP in general, and the flight of moderate republicans who no longer saw a place for themselves in today’s republican party, but the past eight years will pale in comparison to the damage the Drumpf administration and GOP-led congress is going to inflict on this country.

Yes, I realize republican should probably be capitalized, but they don’t deserve it. I’ll reserve capitalization for the Democrats. The Democrats are only slightly less disappointing because of all of the sordid, sneaky, immoral, devious, detrimental, destructive, underhanded, criminal (think collusion with Russia) behaviors and policymaking they’ve allowed the republicans to get away with. The Democrats need to grow a set. I hate to say it, but we need to stop being the party that “goes high” when the republicans “go low.” We need to get in there and fight them on their level — beat them at their own games.

One can dream.

I’m still disgusted and disappointed that we have sunk so low in this country — that such a narcissistic, misogynistic, sexist, racist, xenophobic, bigoted, crooked, unqualified petulant child could be elected to the highest office in the land. I’m also appalled that more than 50% of white women supported the orange Cheeto-in-Chief. What the?! More than 90% of black women had a clue! They knew not to vote against their own interest. It’s not even about the other candidate being a woman. It boils down to THIS candidate, who stole the election, being the most offensive and dangerous choice. He’s also a con man. I could write one thousand words to express all that is wrong with this picture but it’s so hard to keep up with the list that just keeps growing (and someone else is already doing fantabulous job).

Plus, I’m all about trying to de-stress these days and writing such a lengthy rant would only rile me up.

It’s unlikely Democrats could ever be as destructive as republicans because we’re a party who actually believes in governing and that government plays an important role in ensuring and standing up for the common good. We’re not the selfish asshats who populate the republican party.

While I’ve tried various approaches to relieve my stress, I’ve found my escape to writing has become more therapeutic and effective. It’s more healthy and productive than my online Facebook rants that my friends and family are likely tired of. Some days I just want to throw something at my television and scream. Those aren’t great approaches either. No, how I must handle the coming years is through immersing myself in my hobbies, interests, adventures, and other distractions. I also need to disconnect more often and just take a stride in nature.

Coping. It’s all about balance.