Our culture of willful ignorance, gullibility and evil

The notion that #Trump supporters mostly voted for a loud mouthed offensive sexist, misogynist, xenophobic bigot and bought the swamp land he was selling because they like his obnoxious “attitude” VERSUS actually paying attention to the “policy” implications of his and the #GOP agenda remains utterly infuriating and unacceptable. As a country, we cannot afford to risk our collective well-being by taking this approach to elections.

So what is the solution when a little less than half the country just wants to see things (e.g., our institutions, rules and laws, health coverage, other countries, the environment, justice, deportation and resulting breakup of families) blown up while the remaining wants a governing body that works for our collective best interests?

Hell if I know.

What I do know is that the education and information divide in this country needs to be bridged. We also need to end the culture that breeds willful ignorance. How do we motivate those who prefer to simply accept at face value the propaganda and #AlternativeFacts being spewed by #Republicans to stop the sheep madness? How do we motivate them to want to research and learn the facts?

Again, hell if I know. Most won’t turn off Fox News and Limbaugh or stop reading Breitbart long enough to receive and accept other less propaganda-ish or alternative modes of thinking.

#Democrats need to get off the stick and find a solution, though. And quickly. Before new elections result in more patients running the asylum. We certainly cannot rely on #Republicans to do this; they are at an advantage when a large segment of the population doesn’t fact check them.

#Democrats also need to get in the trenches to fight the destructive #GOP agenda. No more of this “when they go low, we go high” stuff. We need to beat ’em at their own game. We need to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt in any situation. They have more than proven for decades they are selfish and devious, only value money, the rich, war, the fetus but not the child, religious control, control over women, and the superiority and preservation of the white race. They will continue to play dirty to achieve control and maintain all of this. They don’t value anyone or anything deemed different from them . . . “them” being mostly white men (the women in the party don’t get a pass though). They’re incredibly intolerant of ethnic and racial diversity, religious diversity, women’s equality and control over our own lives and bodies, the freedom to love whomever we want, the little guy having a say in his or her working conditions and pay (e.g., unions, equal pay, livable wages in general, etc.).

I could go on.

There’s a hell of a lot of intolerance for anything that doesn’t make them the center of the universe or elevate them to a level of superiority. It’s a sickness, really. It’s a sickness of epidemic proportions and it’s destroying our democracy.

Add to the list the incredible amount of greed and further disregard for life (e.g., obsession with the 2nd amendment and guns, barbaric support for capital punishment, and their brazen disregard and objections to the notion that systemic problems exist in this country that favor certain lives over others) AND an eagerness to destroy the environment, and any sensible person can’t help but feel a sense of outrage and urgency to remedy the problem.

And it is a problem.

It’s going to require hard work and dedication to rid society of such evil.

Yes, I said evil. These “values” held by the #GOP are evil. And cruel.

Mankind has been barbaric since day one. The pull to give in to one’s dark side is strong.

I get it.

Government and society need to be dominated by those who want and are willing NOT to give in to it, though.

And in today’s #Republican party, I see almost none.


5/9/2017 update and author’s note:

Spotted this related article tonight. It discusses what I’ve said all along…and as one comment I read relating to the article states:

“Anxiety over cultural change…” and “…fear of societal change…” are polite-sounding euphemisms for insular ignorance, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny. Call it what it is, and “45” is the poster child for all of it!”

Is Trump doing a good job as president?

Answer honestly and invite others to vote.