The real moochers: red republican-run states and greedy corporations

I see this image in my Facebook timeline today and I’m left incensed. Right-wingers love to perpetuate this notion that liberals are nothing but a bunch of lazy moochers and the reason right-wingers aren’t living the American dream. If only these right-wingers did their real homework, they might find themselves more inclined to tweak their meme to call out “their own.”

For, you see, they have been sold a “demonizing the poor” bill of goods over at Faux News and the like. Faux News hosts and others like Rush Limbaugh have made a living spewing derogatory language to insinuate that the cause of their right-wing viewer’s plight should really be blamed on the liberal poor who are “taking” from them.

Frigging hogwash.

Such right-wing propaganda is used to brainwash millions in their base into blaming others, often the most defenseless, while simultaneously lining their pockets. It’s that “Hey! Look over there and see what they’re doing to you!” while that rich politician, corporate CEO, right-wing political pundit, etc. “picks their pockets” thing.

If you’re a right-winger who subscribes to what Faux News and others are selling you, you’re being snookered.

So wake up.

Don’t take my word for it (I’m just one of those hard-working liberals who has always supported your ass).

Read on…

Anyone can do a Google search to find a myriad of resources on the subject. One I easily came across today even provides pretty pictures to best illustrate the point. Republican-run red states and greedy corporate interests are the REAL moochers in this country and here’s why.

Let’s look at some of the details, shall we?

Which states are the most dependent on the federal government? The darker the shade, the more dependent, or to be more specific, let’s look at the top five (1=most dependent):

  1. Kentucky
  2. Mississippi
  3. New Mexico
  4. Alabama
  5. West Virginia (with a new Democratic governor effective January 2017…who, if given a chance, might try to save the place)

Source: WalletHub



If you take the time to read the article you will see additional infographics to illustrate the point. You will also find some great comments like these:


Why do poor states (mostly republican) using more federal dollars than they pay in taxes, brag about rugged individualism and knock the federal government and “liberal” states that keeps them afloat?


and one viable answer:


Probably because liberals are more than willing to help those who are TRULY in need, but are far more hesitant to just hand our hard-earned money over to moocher states.


These same moocher states almost universally have “right to work” (also known as “right to work for less”) provisions and lousy workman’s comp programs. These states are poverty pimps, marketing those “advantages” to companies to steal jobs from other states. Workers making less income pay less in taxes to the US Treasury than they would if they earned a decent wage. Many of these workers’ wages are so low that they qualify for assistance programs, like SNAP, so in addition to not paying their fair share, they are an unnecessary burden as well.


If the moocher states want to insure that its citizens earn less than a living wage, that’s their business, but don’t make me have to subsidize that kind of plantation behavior. Enjoy your race to the bottom. Oh, wait, you’re already there.
Class dismissed.