August 2017, “Staff Pick” Project of the Month – IssabelPBX

For our August “Staff Pick” Project of the Month, we selected IssabelPBX, a Free Open Source Software that Unifies communications in a single platform and allows you to build communication tools for businesses. It is based on an Elastix® fork (currently purchased by 3CX) to provide the community with continuity, peace of mind and support needed to continue with their PBX and operation developments.

IssabelPBX integrates PBX, mailing and collaborating tasks, as well as a database server. It is one of the last Opensource projects in Unified Communications, spearheaded by a group of driven and enthusiastic specialists and supported by a diverse community of individuals, organizations and companies. The goal of IssabelPBX is to evolve into anything it may be needed for in the field of Unified Communications, and ultimately transform the market of information and communication technologies.

New add-ons and versions are being developed as needed, and additional information and support can be found at the following:

[ Download IssabelPBX ]

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