I’m Deb and I welcome you to my site.

They say there’s a book inside all of us. If that’s the case, at least one of mine has been a reclusive, shy, stubborn little bugger for more than twenty years. The various starts and stops, the misplaced or destroyed storage formats (i.e., floppy disk, CD, thumb drive), and general distractions (aka life events) have been impediments to its completion.

A story that includes domestic violence, interracial love and family, racial issues, gender issues, hedonism, wanderlust, matters of justice, introspection, loss, depression, and the acceptance and projection of one’s authentic self cannot be left unwritten forever. For the first time in many years, more words have been written. How long it will take to complete now that the words are flowing isn’t clear. I’m making progress, though.

This site is a companion to my book and any future books I may write. It serves as an outlet for expression. The site will feature content relating to all key areas of life and creativity that stoke the passion inside me.

My blog categories may provide a sense of what I write about in my book(s). My more technical books may include free downloads to those who buy them. I may offer chapter give-a-ways. I will be looking for beta readers in the future. An editor will ultimately be nice one day too. Even a publisher. A lot will be required to complete this and other projects and I intend to enjoy and appreciate the journey.

This site will also feature my other creative works: mobile apps, web apps, photography, and more.

I invite you to explore as the site undergoes a resurgence . . . a re-launch . . . and subscribe to my newsletter.


Current progress on my book:

Book Title TBD